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jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010

Bulletin from the cause: "The Cove" - Save Japan Dolphins

Bulletin from the cause: "The Cove" - Save Japan Dolphins,
Posted By: Fonda Berosini
To: Members in "The Cove" - Save Japan Dolphins
Ric in Japan to meet Taiji Mayor Sangen!
Ric and his son Lincoln are en route to Taiji where they they will participate in a public discussion with Taiji Mayor Kazutaka Sangen about dolphin killing in The Cove.
The event, which takes place Nov. 2 in Taiji, was planned by local nationalist activists and will include representatives from the Fisheries Union and other dolphin conservation groups. Despite our numerous requests before, during and after the The Cove came out, this is the first time the mayor has agreed to come forward in a public forum.
The situation isn't ideal - we don’t have any control over the format and it’s safe to say they have a “home field” advantage. But we have to start somewhere, and we're hopeful that this will be the beginning of a broader, ongoing conversation about viable alternatives to dolphin killing in Taiji. We have been assured that the meeting is an attempt to find common ground.
If that's the case, we'll attend with an open mind and the highest hopes. It's up to Mayor Sangen to do the same.
Sadly, we’re hearing that up to 50 dolphins – including babies - were killed in The Cove yesterday. If true, it will be largest massacre of the season. They haven’t killed 50 dolphins total since the hunt began on Sept. 1. Those are the actions of people more interested in provoking conflict than having a productive discussion. Again, we are attending the meeting in good faith. It’s up to town officials to do the same. More to come...

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